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Nestle Recipe Contest Ends 11.30!


Nestle Recipe Contest Ends 11.30!

Your operator customers still have a chance to enter this exciting recipe contest featuring Chef-Mate Que Bueno Cheese Sauce!

The promotional date has been extended to end November 30, 2014.

Nestle Professional is issuing a challenge: to you and your operators. From May 30 –November 30, 2014 Nestle is challenging you to grow your sales and profits with their brand-name, on-trend products.

  1. A “Pallet Challenge” has been issued to all UniPro broadline distributors. The challenge is to buy at least a pallet – to a full truck – of Chef-mate Que Bueno Cheese Sauce. This product has great versatility. We’ll challenge your operators to create an award-winning recipe with Que Bueno. For product information, click here. A product demonstration video is available by clicking here.
  2. Use the “Full Case Operator Rebate” to stimulate interest and sales of this product with your customers. For a copy of the rebate, visit UniPro’s PICs site on the extranet.
  3. The “Que Bueno Recipe Contest” is a fun and unique way to engage your customers in using this product. It is available for UniPro members exclusively and will allow your customers to demonstrate their culinary creativity with Que Bueno! For details of the “Que Bueno Recipe Contest”, click here.

All of the information – and more – is available online at

Meet the challenge and you’ve hit the Nestle Trifecta!