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Perfect for the Snacking Trend


Perfect for the Snacking Trend

NEW! McCain® Golden Crisp® Potato Bites

Snacking continues to become a larger part of consumers’ daily lives, as 51% of consumers say they are now snacking at least twice a day, compared to 25% in 2010. And when consumers want to snack where do they look – the appetizer menu – they look or crispy, hand-held, fun-to-dip items like NEW Golden Crisp® Potato Bites!

According to NPD Crest, potato-based appetizers are growing 3 times faster than traditional appetizer categories making new Golden Crisp® Breaded Potato Bites must have items for every operator! Made with scratch-style shreds and dices of Russet potato, plus real Wisconsin cheese, Golden Crisp® Potato Bites are the perfect fit for any appetizer, bar or snack menu.

Bake or Fry – Two convenient cooking methods make these the perfect appetizer for any operation.

Flexible & Profitable – Easy to use across the menu, a high piece count makes portioning simple and drives great margins.

From Mild to Wild – Appeal to all customers – from kids to adults – with flavorful Cheddar Potato Bites, or spice it up with Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites.

  • 1000001467 Golden Crisp® Breaded Cheddar Potato Bites - 4/3 lb.
  • 1000001488 Golden Crisp® Breaded Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites - 4/3 lb.

Add value to a menu by offering Golden Crisp Potato Bites as a:

  • Breakfast item – as an upgrade/substitute to traditional hash browns
  • Appetizer – serve in a basket with choice of dips like sour cream, ranch, BBQ or buffalo sauce

For more menu suggestions or to learn more about these and other Golden Crisp products contact your McCain sales rep or visit