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An Innovative Cost Advantage


An Innovative Cost Advantage

Heinz has found a way to help operators keep the condiments they pay for on the food they serve and out of the trash can. 

It’s no secret that operators are always looking for ways to use their ingredients and supplies more efficiently. But back-of-house condiments served in traditional packaging, such as rigid gallon jugs, only provide a yield of around 90%, meaning operators are throwing away about 10 cents out of every dollar they spend on condiments. Of course higher yields are achievable with extra effort, but at a certain point operators lose more money by paying employees to scrape every last drop of product from a container. For establishments that use a high volume of bulk condiments, such as sandwich shops and burger restaurants, the costs of wasted product and wasted labor can add up. 

The Heinz® DispenSaver® condiment dispenser offers a cost and waste-saving solution to this problem. The equipment dispenses an average of 98% of Heinz dispenser pack contents, which saves operators enough product from every gallon to dress 10 extra sandwiches compared to traditional packaging.1

The DispenSaver® dispenser also improves labor efficiency. It eliminates the difficulty of transferring condiments from their original packaging to smaller squeeze bottles or other carriers for kitchen use and takes less than five seconds to fill squeeze bottles and other containers. The DispenSaver® dispenser achieves this efficiency by distributing 20 ounces of product per pump compared to one to three ounces of product per pump from a traditional dispenser.   

With the number of sandwich shops across the country growing at a rate of 1,100 per year,2 you can bet operators are feeling squeezed. The Heinz® DispenSaver® condiment dispenser provides an innovative cost advantage to help savvy operators add bulk to their bottom line rather than their trash can. 

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1 90% yield from average 1-gallon jug equals 115.2 ounces; 99% yield from dispenser pack yields 125.4 ounces per gallon or enough to dress 10 extra sandwiches based on average 1-oz. portion

2 Average annual growth in sandwich shop units from Spring 2011-Spring2015.

Source: The NPD Group