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Condiments That Drive Traffic


Condiments That Drive Traffic

People love condiments; that is a fact. It is why Heinz has dedicated the past century developing an extensive portfolio of condiments, sauces and dressings designed to make food taste even more delicious.

Just as important as the food itself, condiments have tremendous power to help drive traffic and influence purchase behavior. In fact, 75% of consumers believe that condiment selection is as important as menu selection1. And by partnering with a trusted brand like Heinz®, operators signal to their consumers that they prioritize consistency and quality.

Heinz’s portion control line is the perfect way for operators to provide consumers with opportunities to customize and enhance every meal. It all starts with the iconic ketchup, but with over 300 products in its portfolio, Heinz can assist operators to boost flavors and satisfy consumers - from breakfast options such as honey and jams, to traditional salad dressings and sauces such as honey mustard and ranch, onto bold flavors like Chipotle Pepper Light Mayo and the Salsa del Sol Picante Sauce. Check out the entire portion control portfolio at