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Why Super-Size? You Can Right-Size!


Why Super-Size? You Can Right-Size!

Why “Super-Size” when you can “Right-Size” and save money and contribute to source reduction?

Select the right size can liner:

  • Determine what receptacles are being used.
  • Determine what liners are currently being used in the receptacles.
  • Are they the right size or is there excessive overhang?

What is the application?

  • Heavy, wet trash, sharp trash: use heavy LLD liners.
  • Lightweight, frequently changed trash: use Hi-D liners.
  • Is pilferage control an issue? Use clear bags.
  • Does trash need to be concealed? Use black or gray.

Is the customer concerned about environmental impact? Use the right size liner!

Click here for a downloadable product information sheet and here for a handy guide to “get the right fit”.

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