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Beef Up Burger Profits


Beef Up Burger Profits

Beef up your burger profits with Bun Basket® Brioche Buns

  • New six tray case provides ultimate protection for delicate buns from bakery floor to customer’s door.
  • Bun Basket® mini brioche buns can drive sales of snacks, appetizers, small plates and main entrees that appeal to today’s price sensitive, health-conscious consumers. 

Tap into the growing demand for premium burgers and sandwiches featuring broche buns.

  • In the past two years, brioche as a burger bun has increased more than 300% on US restaurant menus**
  • Burgers served on brioche buns commanded a 23% price premium compared to average burgers**
  • Our brioche buns feature a smooth crust and golden, tender crumb made with flour, eggs, butter and sugar – the primary ingredients of true brioche
  • Restaurant patrons will appreciate and pay more for the bun Basket® brioche difference! 

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**Source: Technomic Menu Monitor Dec. 2011