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Real-Deal Summer Appeal


Real-Deal Summer Appeal

Up your burger ante for real-deal summer appeal

The cold winter has left us, and so too has our craving for the heavy comfort foods that kept us warm. Now that summer is here, our appetites turn to lighter meals that still satisfy with big, exciting flavors. To kick up the crave factor of your burger menu this summer, get inspired from these burger concepts.

  • Burgers that bear fruit –For a taste profile that’s fresh from a Hawaiian luau, glaze a patty with teriyaki, top with a slice of ripe pineapple and serve on a sweet roll. Whip up a sweet, fruity sauce by combining sliced strawberries with balsamic, pepper and brown sugar. Apples and burgers play well together, too! Grate a crisp green variety and coat with a little salt, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice—perfect under the bun or as a fresh side.
  • Turkey is timely –Remember, summer is bikini and board shorts season! Appeal to your guests’ healthful mindset with turkey burger creations that fit the “better for you” bill. Try filling a pita with a turkey patty, add fresh lettuce and tomato, and finish with a dollop of light Tzatsiki sauce. Turn up the heat with a buffalo glaze, too—served with a pile of celery and blue cheese dip.
  • Avocadelicious –There’s no better time for the cool, mellow creaminess of avocado than the summer. A layer of thinly sliced avocado is a perfect, cooling complement to a spicy, smoky glaze. Take your burger southwest with a spoonful of chunky, lime-infused guacamole atop bacon and piquant pepper jack. ¡Qué bueno!
  • Make it mini – What is a night out on the town without some apps shared between friends? Mini versions of your popular burgers will delight your summertime group diners. If you’re in need of a sizzlin’ slider, lightly season the patty with chipotle chili, melt on Monterey jack cheese and add a splash of a mild, chunky salsa.
  • Go bunless – A burger is still a burger without the bun, right? You know it! Offer a lighter, bread-free version this summer by wrapping your patty and favorite toppings in lettuce leaves. For another fresh presentation, land the patty on a pile of mixed greens tossed in your dressing of choice. Both of these options will score you bonus points with the gluten-free crowd, too!

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