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Service To Go


Service To Go

Quality customer service is the trademark to any successful full service or quick-serve restaurant. Great food and atmosphere can bring in the crowds but the service is usually what patrons remember. Service with a smile, attentiveness, attention to details and going above and beyond what is normally expected will move your business from being good to becoming great.

Those small touches can make quite the difference. And service doesn’t necessarily just pertain to the in house dining experience. Takeout can increase your profits without significantly raising those operational costs that are ever present in this business. Taking the time to add special touches to that to-go order really makes an impression to the folks opening up their dinner when they get home.

Introducing an exciting new Handgards item: Bamboo Chopsticks and Moist Towelettes

9 inch Bamboo Chopsticks, offered in an economical and higher grade version, will be an added touch for the wide variety of Asian cuisine, whether the traditional Chinese venue or a more upscale Asian Fusion restaurant.

The Moist Towelettes will be an added bonus for those sticky meals where the BBQ sauce gets all over you once you dig in!

Remember, it’s the small details that really leave a big impression!

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