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True Craft Beer Flavor


True Craft Beer Flavor

Premium beer battered favorites created with the winning pale ale from the North American Beer Awards. Brewed over time by a highly skilled brewmaster, this pale ale weaves together the finest two-row malt and Apollo hops to give Bent Arm Ale™ Beer Battered Fries and Onion Rings a true craft beer flavor unlike the rest. 

Brewed with practices to reduce waste and conserve energy, Bent Arm Ale is created with renewable power using 85% wind power and using 85% wind power and 15% solar power. 

  • Bent Arm Ale Beer Battered Fries are preferred among consumers for both taste and appearance. And with great versatility as a side, appetizer or second fry, they’re an excellent addition to any menu in either straight cut, entrée or lattice. 
  • Bent Arm Ale Beer Battered Onion Rings look as good as they taste. With just the right amount of batter and craft beer flavor, patrons get the perfect crunch every time. Great as an appetizer or upgraded side with terrific plate coverage, they pair well with almost anything. 
  • Bent Arm Ale Beer Battered Onion Rings use the Vaquero Sweet Spanish Onion. Its globe-shaped, colossal size and flawless, round layers make it the finest choice for onion rings. 
  • New Bent Arm Ale Beer Battered Sidewinders jump off the plate. Patrons are always looking for new specialty menu items, and the unique shape and fun plating potential of Sidewinders will attract attention as a one-of-a-kind dining experience. With tremendous plate coverage and natural dippability, Sidewinders are a profitable and distinct signature menu item. 

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