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Versatility with Underutilized Cuts


Versatility with Underutilized Cuts

Farmland Foodservice Introduces New Pork Cuts to Foodservice Community - Three Underutilized Cuts Provide Tasty Versatility

Farmland Foodservice, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, announced that the pork provider is introducing three new quality pork cuts for today’s on-trend menus. The underutilized cuts, which include Flat Iron Pork, Pork Medallions and Cheek Meat, provide chefs and operators tasty and versatile options that can be prepared a number of ways and work with an assembly of flavor profiles.

“These cuts of pork can be utilized with virtually any cuisine, which is ideal for chefs and operators looking to pair trends with their existing techniques,” Chip Morgan, Farmland Foodservice Brand Manager, said. “The cuts are underutilized on menus today so there is an opportunity for chefs and operators to become trendsetters by adding their own unique flavors to these tasty new cuts.”

The Flat Iron cut’s versatility allows the pork product to be prepared a variety of ways including brining, braising, sous vide and slow cooked, among other traditional techniques. The tasty, moist cuts work with multiple flavor profiles including BBQ, Asian, Italian and Farm to Table, while producing great texture, eating like a steak. The affordably-priced cuts are pre-portioned and pan-ready.

The Pork Medallions can be stir fried, sautéed, grilled, pan seared or pan fried and work with flavor profiles such as BBQ, Asian, Latin and Italian. The lean cuts absorb lots of flavor, and have great texture and excellent muscle structure. They come in pan-ready four ounce cuts and prepare quickly.

The Cheek Meat cuts can be braised, dry rubbed, seared, marinated or cured and work with flavors including BBQ, Italian and Southwestern. These cuts have a rich flavor and premium marbling. They come in portions of 3-5 ounces and are attractively priced.

To add Flat Iron, Pork Medallions or Cheek Meat to your menu, contact your nearest Farmland sales representative. For more information on Farmland, visit

About Farmland® Foodservice

Farmland® Foodservice has provided quality products from the Heartland since 1959 and has a long-standing association with farm families across the U.S. Overseeing multiple lines and brands, Farmland® offers the following pork lines to go with its variety of pork-specific products: Farmland® DURoC Pork, Fresh Pork, EXTRA TENDER™, All-Natural, PREMIUM FARMS™ ALL-NATURAL and Simply Natural. 

In addition to Farmland® -specific products including everything from bacon to sausage, to hams, ribs, chops, roasts and more, the company also produces the following brands: Smoke’NFastTM,The Rib CompanyTM, Chop ShopTM Pork Chops and Farmland® Fire Pit Pigs. For more information on Farmland® Foodservice products or to get in contact with a sales representative, please visit: