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Wipers Focus on Task-based Needs


Wipers Focus on Task-based Needs

SCA has changed the product names and packaging for its North American line of Tork wipers to allow customers and users to more easily select the right product for the intended use. After conducting global research and talking with end-customers and distributors, SCA introduced a task-based approach to identify wipers by name across four key usage categories: Wiping, Cleaning, Polishing and Sanitizing.

  • Wiping is picking up spills, soaking up liquids and picking up dirt and dust with a paper-based wiper.
  • Cleaning is removing dirt and stains from ­surfaces, machines or tools with cloths that are dry or used together with water, solvents or detergents.
  • Polishing is creating a protected and shiny surface with the help of a cloth that applies polish onto the surface and is then rubbed to obtain a good finish.
  • Sanitizing is hygienically cleaning a surface by removing harmful microorganisms with the help of a cloth used in conjunction with a sanitizing agent.

Tork wipers used to be named based on quality level, but SCA learned that its customers are most concerned with the task at hand. The change benefits Tork customers by making their selection decisions as simple as possible.

The packaging was also updated to make it easier for customers to choose and understand Tork wiper products. Improvements include: easy-to-read article number, icons showing user benefits, color-coded by task, and intuitive product illustration

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