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Give Burgers Some Zing!


Give Burgers Some Zing!

Give your burgers some zing! with daring global flavors

The global-flavors movement is a trend juggernaut. Cargill Corporate Chef Janet Bourbon reaches beyond the expected to offer fresh insights on how to create memorable, Asian-inspired burgers by exploring the distinctive ingredients, aromas and tastes of the Far East.

Tastes of Korea

Korea is home to rich, distinctive flavors. With these tips, gochujang, kimchi and a kalbi marinade could become your next secret ingredients.

  • Heat up the ketchup—mix a little gochujang, a chili soybean paste, into your traditional ketchup for a spicy burger spread.
  • Top with a spicy-sweet slaw—combine coleslaw, gochujang, sugar, rice wine vinegar and oil and add on top of your patty.
  • Whip up an addicting dip—thin out some gochujang and puree with softened golden raisins for a dip that’s great with burgers and fries.
  • Spin a kimchi slaw—kimchi by itself may not suit your guests’ palettes, but a coleslaw with a hint of this Korean staple is hard to turn down.
  • Try on a kalbi marinade—soy, sesame, garlic and sugar produces a succulent flavor profile perfect for your next BBQ sauce or glaze.

Jet-set with Indonesian Flavor

A culinary world tour is incomplete without the lesser known but still uniquely appetizing tastes of Jakarta.

  • Spoon on a sambal cream—sour cream mellows this intense Indonesian red chili paste for a deliciously smooth sauce, nicely complemented with grilled scallion.
  • Brush with sweetness—brush your burger with ketjap, Jakarta’s sweeter and tastier version of soy sauce, right before pulling it from the grill.

Pack a Thai Punch

What’s a menu today without Sriracha? Spice up your burgers with the in-your-face heat of Thailand’s “Rooster Sauce.”

  • Splash on some fire—millennials love heat, and a quick squeeze of Sriracha gives heat-seekers the subtle burn they’re craving.
  • Create a mild mayo—cool mayo, hot Sriracha, tangy lime and salty soy sauce mix up a mouthwatering custom condiment.
  • Glaze on some sweet spice—calm the heat of Sriracha with a burst of honey for a delectable glaze.

Give your operators this on-trend recipe and help them expand their menu options.

Korean Burger

A TNT™ seasoned 8 oz. patty on a sesame bun with Korean barbecue sauce, hot pepper mayonnaise, and Asian slaw.


Hot Pepper Mayonnaise

1/4 cup ssamjang (Korean red pepper paste)

1/4 cup mayonnaise

Asian Slaw

5 ounces shredded cabbage/carrot blend

1/3 cup coarsely chopped cilantro

2 ounces seasoned rice wine vinegar

As needed, salt and pepper

1 each 8-ounce TNT™ patty

1 ounce Korean barbecue sauce, purchased or house-made

1 sesame roll, toasted

Cooking instructions

  • Combine ingredients for hot pepper mayonnaise and stir well. Reserve.
  • Combine ingredients for Asian slaw. Season to taste and reserve.
  • Cook burger to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.
  • Spread 2 tablespoons hot pepper mayonnaise on each side of toasted bun.
  • Place burger on bottom bun. Ladle barbecue sauce on to burger.
  • Top with approximately 1/4 cup Asian slaw. Place bun crown slightly offset.