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Free Trial Offer

Offer a Clean and Safe Dining Experience – In the Front and Back of the House

According to the 2012 Tork Report, we touch about 300 surfaces every 30 minutes – exposing ourselves to about 840,000 germs per half hour. With many patrons visiting restaurants each day and multiple people involved in the preparation of food, understanding what we touch – and how often – is critical to minimizing the spread of germs.

Consumers want solutions that limit the need to touch heavily used surfaces, particularly in public restrooms or restaurants. These insights have led manufacturers to develop touch-free solutions that take hygiene, aesthetics and cost savings into account to overcome cross contamination while improving sustainability.

However, many restaurant owners have only implemented touch-free solutions in the front of the house but they are just as important in the back of the house. According to the report, the bathroom may not be the most germ-infested common area we visit each day – door handles are often much filthier.

Not only will touch-free technology improve the customer experience and keep facilities clean and clutter free, controlled dispenser systems also reduce waste up to 25 percent. Less paper, less waste and less cost – all while keeping your customers safe and healthy.

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