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Higher Yield and Better Quality


Higher Yield and Better Quality

Food goes off the grid with Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray

For operators using any type of waffle iron or panini grill, sticking and product waste can be a common challenge. As their distributor partner, you can offer a nonstick solution that will improve product yield and preserve equipment life. Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray not only prevents food from sticking, but also cleans during the cooking process. With specially formulated release agents, this product works to keep grid irons free of troublesome carbon buildup that can lead to expensive equipment repairs and poor product results.

Inform operators that with Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray they can avoid waste caused by broken waffles or sticking bread. This allows them to achieve a higher yield and quality food they are proud to serve. Even waffles with high sugar content release cleanly and easily.

Another selling point to share is that this product makes it possible to save on labor and a variety of costs. With no build up, there is no need for soaking, scrubbing or reconditioning. Compared to other brands, Vegalene® Grid Iron releases more food per spray, so there is no need to spray after each use. Tell your operators about how they can make their ingredients and spray release product go further with Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray.

Your customers will also appreciate that Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray comes in an environmentally friendly aerosol can specially designed to have less impact on the Earth.

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