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Get Saucy with Signature Creations


Get Saucy with Signature Creations

Foodservice trends come and go, but one thing’s for certain: patrons love big flavors, especially when those flavors add a special twist to dishes they already love. One of the areas where your operators can express their culinary point of view—and boost sales—is in the creation of signature sauces. Bay Valley Foods offers a versatile range of ready-to-use products that make the perfect base for unique sandwich spreads, dips and condiments.


With its rich, creamy texture and appealing flavor, it’s no surprise that mayonnaise is considered America’s favorite condiment1. If your operators are new to the signature sauces game, mayonnaise provides a great “blank canvas” as it complements all types of ingredient add-ons. Aioli, a garlic-based variation, has already made its way from rustic French cuisine to the mainstream…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Pesto, tahini, roasted red pepper, wasabi and chipotle are just a sampling of the flavors that can elevate mayonnaise to the level of premium condiment.

Chef Tip: Combine Cains® Mastermixt Mayonnaise with lemon juice, zest, fresh basil and garlic for a savory spread that unites the flavors of a chicken, artichoke heart and Asiago sandwich.

Cheese Sauce

Ready-to-use cheese sauces from Bay Valley Foods are a cost-effective way to create indulgent menu items—like dips and creamy sandwich spreads—that boost patron satisfaction. With varieties that include Monterey Jack, Jalapeño and Aged Cheddar, these delicious sauces offer heat and serve convenience and are good for an operator’s bottom line. In fact, 6 out of 10 patrons would pay an upcharge of up to $1.00 more for cheese sauce as a topping or side dipping option.2

Chef Tip: Put a spin on a classic with a craveable Philly cheeseburger! Top a beef patty with grilled peppers, onions and Saucemaker™ Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce accented with chili powder and cayenne.


Think beyond tortilla chips… thanks to varieties that span the flavor gamut from smoky to sweet to spicy, salsas provide versatility that can work across any operator’s menu. Appetizers such as quesadillas, flatbreads or stuffed jalapeños, served with a “flight” of salsas, offer widespread appeal. An assortment of textures (puréed, chunky) and colors (green tomatillo, rich red chipotle) serve to enliven the dish and the dining experience! Salsas can also be use to add a flavorful element to wraps, soups, marinades and finishing sauces.

Chef Tip: Give your breakfast menu Southwestern flair when you serve up classic ingredients like eggs, cheese and bacon in taco or burrito form! Bay Valley® Brand Roasted Chipotle Salsa adds complex flavor and appealing color as a finishing sauce, or served on the side.

Show your operators how condiments, sandwich sauces and dips can play a starring role in signature dishes…starting with products from Bay Valley Foods! Visit our website,, to learn more.


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