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Toss, Sauce, and Dip


Toss, Sauce, and Dip

Signature seasonings, sauces, and dips are an easy way to add distinction to operator menus and generate customer interest. Operators can further capture consumers’ attention by creatively naming signature sauces. A sauce with a unique or flavorful name can pique order interest in over half of all restaurant consumers’.*

Consumers are increasingly demanding bolder flavors.* Today, a majority of consumers say they prefer spicy sauces, dips, or condiments.* To appeal to a younger demographic, encourage operators to menu sauces with a mixture of flavors. Younger consumers are more interested than older consumers in seeing restaurants offer sauces that feature a combination of tastes (e.g. chipotle-barbeque or wasabi-ranch).* Pairing a familiar favorite with a less common flavor can make ordering a new sauce less intimidating for consumers while still appealing to their adventurous side.

Sweet Things® sweet potato fries are the perfect platform for creating memorable appetizer presentations. Use these recipes as a guide to serving Sweet Things® tossed, sauced, or with a signature dip and help operators sweeten their menu and profits.

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