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Elevate C-store Business


Elevate C-store Business

Elevate C-store Business with Perdue Foodservice 

With a greater focus on foodservice offerings, today’s convenience stores have evolved into a competitor against traditional quick service restaurants. However, there is still a long way to go to overcome the preceding reputation and convince skeptical customers of the quality and taste of the new premium offerings available like artisan sandwiches, fresh wraps, soups and salads, and fresh bakery pastries. Whether looking to provide operators with fresh made-to-order meals or seeking to elevate grab & go offerings, Perdue Foodservice brands offer a variety of center-of-the-plate protein products to fit c-store operator needs, including: 

  • Ready-to-Cook
  • Pre-Cooked
  • Fully Cooked
  • Breaded and Non-Breaded
  • Pre-Sliced
  • Pre-Packaged Grab & Go 

Since 2008, foodservice traffic to convenience stores has steadily increased.1 In fact, the convenience store foodservice market as a whole is expected to grow through 2018 to become a $26.7 billion industry, increasing 34% from 2013-2018. This is due to both optimistic views for the U.S. economy, as well as foodservice innovation within the c-store space.2 

When it comes to enticing consumers to order more restaurant-quality foods at convenience stores, the bottom line is fresh. According to a recent poll conducted by Mintel, a third of consumers mentioned that foods and beverages will need to be freshly made in-house, and 27% of adults want convenience stores to prove that the ingredients they use are, in fact, truly fresh.2 With strong brand appeal, fresh and flavorful Perdue® products can meet consumer demand for quality cuisine in a convenient setting. The Perdue family of brands includes: 

  • Clux Delux®: Fully cooked Clux Delux® chicken offers the taste and the brand appeal for grab & go offerings that can help an operation compete with national and regional fast food chains. Flavor variety and branded sandwich bags and cartons add to this brand’s appeal. Both operators and consumers will appreciate the value and convenience of signature favorites such as Clux Delux® breaded spicy filets with sandwich bags.
  • Harvestland®: With a full selection of flavorful all-natural*, all-veggie fed chicken, turkey, pork and beef products customers demand, Harvestland® never adds anything to their products that nature didn’t create. That means NO antibiotics and NO hormones or steroids—EVER!** With premium products such as Harvestland® carving meats and breaded chicken breast filets, operators can create a variety of quality, made-to-order meals with restaurant taste and appeal.
  • Perdue®: The brand you know and trust combines their reputation for quality with convenience to offer a variety of fresh, healthy chicken and turkey products to satisfy the needs of c-store customers. Perdue pre-sliced meats are ideal for making tasty, satisfying deli sandwiches, subs and wraps, while products such as Perdue® diced chicken allow operators to sell delicious, premium meals with the speed and ease that consumers have come to expect from fast food restaurants.
  • Kings Delight®: Products such as Kings Delight® breaded nuggets offer fully cooked chicken to enhance food safety…simply heat and serve. Individually frozen pieces ensure ease of preparation, appealing appearance and portion control. 

Convenience stores represent 38% of all retail outlets in the U.S.3 and continue to grow. As an important category for those on-the-go, the convenience store foodservice market offers operators the opportunity to drive profits with the right offerings. The Perdue family of brands brings a complete portfolio of products created to deliver great taste, convenience and quality. From classic conventional items to products raised with No Antibiotics EVER—and everything in between—discover delicious solutions for every day part, fine-tuned to convenience store customer needs. 

Perdue®, Clux Delux®, Kings Delight® and Harvestland® products are available nationwide. For more information on the Perdue® portfolio of products, please contact or call 1.888.737.3832. Visit

* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

** Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.

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