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Grab More Summertime Profits


Grab More Summertime Profits

Tell your operators to go with MallowCreme® to grab more summertime profits

As summer approaches, travel and convenience store traffic steadily increases. Families and business people stop in more often than ever. By the time summer vacation is in full swing, the family road trip is underway, so now is the perfect time for those store operators with food prep capability to start planning ahead.

Convenience store operators know that time is money and as their business increases the time to prepare food decreases. They’re looking to maximize their margins while minimizing prep time. You can offer them the perfect solution with MallowCreme Marshmallow Cream.

MallowCreme makes it easy for operators to expand their snack, dessert and grab-and-go menus with high-margin cereal bars that guests crave. Easy to use, it is faster and more profitable than melting marshmallows and margarine. Packed in a prep-friendly pouch that eliminates melting, double boiling, or scorching - MallowCreme will help your operators save on labor costs, while improving staff productivity.

The versatility of MallowCreme allows for greater creativity in crafting more irresistible options that will drive incremental sales. It maintains malleability longer than the traditional crispy rice recipe, allowing operators extra time to experiment and incorporate unique mix-in combinations such as chocolate candy chips, nuts and dried fruit and cereal.

To simplify cleanup and save labor, encourage your operators to use MallowCreme® hand in hand with any Vegalene® Food Release Sprays. Spraying bowls, pans and spatulas with Vegalene® before recipe preparation will prevent ingredients from sticking to utensils and require far less rinsing and scrubbing – ensuring a quicker, easier cleanup every time.

To help your operators maximize sales and pocket better profits recommend they try adding distinctive, delicious MallowCreme Marshmallow Cream treats to their line-up.

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