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Dairy Without the Worry


Dairy Without the Worry

Land O’Lakes® Flavored Performance Cheese Products: Versatility and Ease-of-Use That Operators Require

Restaurant operators face significant challenges in the back of the house—from variable culinary skill levels in the kitchen that can affect consistency to limited storage space in the pantry. As a result, effective foodservice products need to be easy-to-use and versatile, allowing for use throughout the day and across the menu. Most importantly, operators must constantly work to remain competitive in the marketplace by continually innovating and differentiating their menus with on-trend, flavorful menu applications. Land O’Lakes offers innovative products that meet these ongoing operator challenges.

Land O’Lakes® Sharp Cheddar American Process Cheese Product provides the bold flavor of sharp cheddar cheese in a loaf that can be easily melted, shredded or sliced. With many delicious possibilities across the menu, this bold cheddar flavor lends itself to profitable appetizers such as cheesy French fries, breakfast entrees like ham and cheese skillets and a variety of cheesy soups and pastas.

Land O’Lakes® Italian Blend Process Cheese Product brings a unique blend of Asiago, Parmesan, Romano and American, allowing for a unique flavor profile and superior melting attributes. From Mediterranean Pull Apart Bread and Baked Italian Artichoke Dip to a Turkey Pesto Ciabatta and Penne with Creamy Italian Sauce and Pancetta, operators will appreciate how simple it is to create delicious, on-trend, Italian-inspired dishes.

Operators will also benefit from the consistent flavor and texture offered by Land O’Lakes® Flavored Performance Cheese Products. Both products melt quickly and evenly, offer a reliable holding time in the steam table and won’t oil off like natural cheese. They are also easy to use for any culinary skill level—dairy without the worry. Our flavored Performance Cheeses are versatile and can be easily diced, shredded, sliced, and melted for any menu application. This versatility allows both products to be used throughout the day and across the menu, from breakfast egg dishes to savory dips and sauces for late-night appetizers.

Land O’Lakes® Flavored Performance Cheese Products also help your operators innovate and differentiate their menus, helping them remain competitive in a challenging marketplace. Show your operator customers how easy it is to cube and melt these cheeses to create signature dips and sauces. They can also be sliced and layered to create bold flavors on sandwiches and burgers, or shredded and melted on top of American fare entrees and egg dishes.

Land O’Lakes® Flavored Performance Cheese Products provide your operators with new bold flavors in an easy-to-work-with format that meets the common challenges they regularly face. Operators will have confidence knowing these Land O’Lakes products will perform consistently in the back of the house, regardless of employee skill level. Even better, these cheese products have versatility across the menu and the day, from breakfast to late-night dining. They are a cost-effective solution that provides operators with significant profit potential. (Check out the Land O’Lakes profit calculator at

Build your business by introducing Land O’Lakes® Flavored Performance Cheese Products to your operators today. These new products from Land O’Lakes will provide the versatility and ease of use that your operators require, while helping them differentiate their operation with new menu items that will build their business and potentially increase profits. In summary, it’s dairy without the worry!