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C-store Customers are On the Move


C-store Customers are On the Move

C-stores are becoming more of a foodservice “destination” than ever before. The fact is away-from-home eating is increasing – driven by occasion and convenience.

C-stores move more cold sandwiches/wraps and breakfast sandwiches than hot dogs and recent sales growth has been highest for pizza.

C-stores exhibit the lowest overall level of pre-engagement, with relatively few consumers checking them out online or receiving a recommendation from others. As c-stores seek to better establish themselves as a destination (rather than as a pure convenience location), it will be essential to elevate these currently low levels of pre-engagement.

C-store operators overwhelmingly think branded products help their foodservice operation.

  • 67% agree that branded product DO (definitely or probably) help their foodservice operation
  • Only 6% said that branded products do NOT (probably or definitely) help

Top reasons cited include quality guarantees, consistency, increased trust/safety, and familiarity/name recognition.

According to a proprietary Heinz study provided by CCI/HPC/Group57: U&I Group; Condiment Consumption:

  • 95% of consumers want access to condiments
  • 75% of consumers believe condiment selection is just as important as menu selection
  • A wide variety of condiments can be a delighter for customers

Heinz has a full line of nationally-branded condiments that facilitate on-the-go eating and fit perfectly with the growing c-store market. For more information, visit