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More Benefits Packed in Less Space


More Benefits Packed in Less Space

Mardi Gras™ plates and bowls - A smart alternative to foam

Mardi Gras™ plates and bowls sturdy, cut-resistant, microwaveable and feature a much lower cube volume than foam. So they give you more benefits than foam, packed into less space.

Why Mardi Gras?


• Able to hold food without “cracking”

• Cut-resistant

• Microwaveable


• Lower stacking height than foam

• Better cube efficiency for less storage

• Space saver – Mardi Gras plates require 3x less storage space than foam

• Shipping saver – you can fit 3x more Mardi Gras plates on a truck than foam


• Comparable in cost to foam plates

• Unlike white no-print plates, you only have to use one*

• Lower cube volume saves on transportation costs


• Made from clay-coated paper

• No inks or dyes

• No polystyrene foam

• Contains a minimum of 90% cellulose fiber by weight**

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* GP limited research prepared February 2009.

** Mardi Gras plates may be processed in commercial composting facilities that have final screening capability. The availability of such facilities is limited. Customers are advised to check locally to determine if they have access to suitable facilities.

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