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Packed with Flavor - in a Pouch


Packed with Flavor - in a Pouch

Introducing Classic Marinara Sauce in a Pouch

Heinz has fulfilled a void in the product mix with the introduction of a Fully Prepared Marinara Sauce. This Classic Marinara Sauce is available in the #10 Pouch.

Operator Benefits

  • Heinz Classic Marinara is a ready]to]use product.
  • Heinz Classic Marinara contains authentic Italian flavors with crushed garlic, onions, carrots, basil, and additional spices.
  • Heinz Classic Marinara is made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Heinz Classic Marinara is available in convenient flexible packaging (Easy to Open – Convenient tear strip, Reduced Waste - Ten empty pouches equal to the waste of just one #10 can, Improved Safety - Eliminate risk of injuries from can openers and sharp can edges)
  • Heinz Classic Marinara has a shelf life of 21 months.

Launch Information

  • First Ship: 12/1/13
  • This item is currently stocked at the following DCs: Escalon, Ryder, Genco, Dallas, Fremont, & Muscatine.
  • Additional DCs may be added based on customer demand.