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Improve Profitability of the Menu


Improve Profitability of the Menu

The right menu mix is critical for operator profitability. The UniPro University Menu Management training course in the Foodservice Operators' Institute series teaches operators how to develop and improve the profitability of their foodservice operation through their menu and how to merchandise profitable items. This program shoes the operator the value of changing their menu and developing promotions.

This learning program facilitates interaction between DSRs and their customers. The theory of menu types, design and physical layout will be discussed to include an evaluation of operators’ current menus. DSRs will learn how to suggest, develop and integrate their products to result in greater profitability for the operator. This will lead to a rewarding relationship for both the DSR and operator.

Menu Management also incorporated promotional strategies, marketing techniques, and personnel issues. All in all, it highlights how the menu is the driving force in the business strategy and how it can provide clear and attainable increases in revenue and margin. 

Specific topics addressed include:

  • Increased profits
  • Increased sales
  • Lower operating costs
  • Stronger relationship between DSR and operator
  • Ongoing system to generate sales
  • Menu types
  • Menu layout and design
  • Costing methods
  • Price rounding techniques
  • Promotional strategies
  • Marketing ideas 

Use this training course to help your DSRs and operators increase their sales.

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