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Trans Fat Free Shortening


Trans Fat Free Shortening

Ventura’s Longest-Lasting Shortening Now Available in a Trans Fat Free Formula

Extend® High-Performance Shortening, the newest addition to the family of Extend®shortenings from Ventura Foods, LLC, has a healthy advantage: it contains zero trans fats.

Extend shortening has long been a favorite with foodservice operators because it lasts longer than conventional oils under heavy-duty deep frying conditions. That extended fry life gives operators great results while reducing the product’s “true oil cost.” Longer-lasting oil reduces the frequency of oil changes, which saves money, lowers disposal costs and reduces the risk of potential workplace injuries from hot oil.

Several years ago, demand began growing for a premium shortening that was also trans fat free. In response, Ventura Foods applied its expertise in foodservice oils to develop a healthier new shortening with the same “extended” fry life as original Extend. Years in the making, the new product took a team of chefs and food technologists to create a trans fat free product worthy of the Extend brand name.

New Extend® High-Performance Shortening is a heavy-duty creamy fry shortening made from a proprietary blend of specialty canola and palm fruit oils. Its unique high-performance formulation makes it last longer, delivering consistently higher fried food quality. From French fries and onion rings to fried fish, appetizers and signature dishes, foods come out crisp and golden, fry after fry.

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