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Healthier Frying Oil Alternative


Healthier Frying Oil Alternative

Ventura Foods Introduces Mel-Fry® Natural Frying Oil - New High-Performance Oil Blend Made Using Patented Method Similar to EVOO

Leading the trend toward healthier, more natural foods, Ventura Foods, LLC introduces Mel-Fry ® Natural — a new high-performance premium oil blend rich in customer-friendly health advantages with the operator-friendly fry life of the popular Mel-Fry brand.

From fresh crispy taco chips and French fries to onion rings, chicken nuggets and deep-fried fish, diners crave crunchy fried foods. But increasingly, public awareness about trans fats, saturated fats and their effect on cardiovascular health are concerning consumers about eating their favorite fried foods. As a healthier alternative, Mel-Fry Natural gives both operators and the dining public some welcome good news.

Unlike chemically refined oils, Mel-Fry Natural is created using a patented extraction process similar to the method used to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The proprietary blend of canola and soy oils in Mel-Fry Natural features an improved nutritional profile, with 25% less saturated fat and 60% more healthy monounsaturated fat than soybean oil. In addition, Mel-Fry Natural contains zero trans fats. Even the product packaging is 100% recyclable.

Mel-Fry Natural’s proprietary oil blend, combined with additional natural antioxidants including Vitamin E and rosemary, gives it a naturally high level of frying stability. Higher stability equates to longer fry life, and smart operators know that longer fry life means a better “true oil cost” per case. In addition to excellent fry life, longer-lasting oil reduces the frequency of oil changes, which saves money, minimizes disposal costs and lowers the risk of workplace injuries.

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