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Make Baked Goods Shine


Make Baked Goods Shine

Bake-Sheen® provides a simpler way to make baked goods shine.

Help operators bring the perfect finish to their baked goods with the ease of Bake-Sheen® Egg Wash Substitute. Whether it’s warm, flaky pie crusts or fresh-made hot rolls, your operators can add an enticing shine that will captivate customers and bring out the classic homemade feel that everyone loves.

Enticing color and sheen will boost sales

Available in an 18-oz. aerosol can or a convenient 16-oz. trigger sprayer, Bake-Sheen® adds a tempting, golden-brown luster and subtle shine to fresh, par-baked or frozen products. It helps bakery favorites such as breads, pies and pastries stand out on the shelf and exude an irresistible appeal that will boost demand and increase operators’ sales and profits — especially during the high-volume holiday season.

Unique formula simplifies process and eliminates waste

Traditional egg washes can be messy and wasteful. With Bake-Sheen®, operators can save time and avoid the hassle of mixing. This product is also shelf-stable and ready to use, so it saves room in the refrigerator, eliminates time-consuming prep and cleanup and helps operators avoid waste.

Application is easy and coverage is more consistent

With Bake-Sheen®, operators simply spray and coat the surface of their finished baked goods to get consistent coverage across the products and avoid over-application so common with washes. Bake-Sheen® will elevate the quality of their entire lineup while streamlining their back-of-house operations.

Show operators how Bake-Sheen® Egg Wash Substitute can enhance their reputation, increase their revenues and protect their business! For more information, please visit or call 1.800.642.0088.

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