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All Together Now


All Together Now

SmartStock® Cutlery Dispenser Carousel

All together now

Three SmartStock dispensers are circled together on a rotating base. A quick twirl and your customers can get the cutlery they need (one piece at a time, of course).

Take it anywhere

The optional floor stand that supports the carousel is of big value when things are really tight. It is designed to stand alone anywhere you have the room and where customers have easy access – next to the counter, by the condiments, in the dining room.

Easy installation

That’s right, no drilling into walls to attach mounts, no reconfiguring the counter to add space – just set the carousel in its spot or on its stand, and there you go.

Best side forward

No matter how you position the carousel itself, the front of a dispenser is always showing. So customers are impressed – and your image is enhanced from all angles.

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