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New Training Modules are Here!


New Training Modules are Here!

A new set of 12 training programs (one for each month) for your healthcare operators to use with their staff is complete and ready to distribute. Each healthcare foodservice manager is responsible for delivering periodic in-service training to the foodservice staff and employee in-service education and job training are important responsibilities for every manager. Well planned, ongoing training pays benefits in cost containment, improved morale and customer satisfaction.

This series of in-service employee training modules are designed to provide content and presentation suggestions that will enhance the training effort of today's busy manager. They are planned for 30 minutes of focused instruction on a designated topic. Expect these lively, content focused and hands-on modules to make a difference in your operators' facilities.

Each module includes:

  • Objectives
  • Trainer's Notes
  • Content Overview
  • Handout (as needed)
  • Test Your Knowledge

New modules include:

  1. Clean or sanitized
  2. Cultural competency
  3. Customer service
  4. Emergency preparedness
  5. New sodium guidelines
  6. Nutrition care for Alzheimer disease
  7. Safety in the kitchen
  8. Sensational soups
  9. Serving more beans
  10. Standardized recipes
  11. Time and temperature
  12. Why you shouldn't come to work sick

Each volume of employee training modules is available for $125 per volume of 12 training programs. Order Volume 7 to share with your healthcare foodservice operators. Don't have Volumes 1 to 6? Those are available for $125 each.

To place your order, contact Catharine Powers, RD, UniPro’s Consulting Dietitian, at 1.330.721.6741 or via email at