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The New Mainstream


The New Mainstream

Take advantage of the veggie opportunity. Everyone’s going veggie, some full-time – most just sometimes. It’s a mainstream consumer trend that’s exploding in popularity.

  • More than 90 million people in the US go veggie occasionally and more than 6 million are full-time vegetarians.
  • The Veggie foods category has grown in retail and foodservice.
  • The total veggie foods category growth is reinforced by broad-based consumer preference for these menu items.
  • AND consumers are going the veggie food category at a faster rate than lower-priced proteins!

Why are Veggie Foods Popular?

As a way to promote wellness and stay in shape, more consumers are focusing on nutritious diets – so veggie products are becoming a larger part of everyday meal choices. And consumers are demanding these healthier options away from home.

  • More than 1,000 members of the American Culinary Federation, participating in a survey, ranked veggie meals high on the “hot” list.
  • 83% of respondents agree they wish they had more veggie options when they eat away from home.1

Something for the Veggie Lover in Everyone

Different consumers require different veggie solutions. Kellogg offers a full line of meat alternatives with two brands that enjoy strong consumer appeal and loyalty.

  • Morningstar Farms brand with its variety of product offerings including delicious vegetable patties, veggie burgers, breakfast patties, and chik items as the perfect alternative for the growing population of consumers pursuing better-for-you lifestyles.
  • Gardenburger brand, the original, rice-based veggie patty is the choice for health-active consumers and vegetarians. With its great taste it’s ideal for all health-conscious consumers.

Morningstar Farms and Gardenburger will Satisfy your Customers and Your Bottom Line even in this Challenged Economy

It’s true. Consumers are willing to pay more for brands that support a healthy lifestyle.2 Both of these brands are prefect options that offer great taste to those searching for healthy meat alternatives. They’re perfect for a lifestyle choice of following health trends and are sure to keep them coming back for more.

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