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One-Step Stuffing Mix: Pre-Book Now


One-Step Stuffing Mix: Pre-Book Now

NEW One-Step Stuffing Mix from Mrs. Cubbison’s – Pre-Book NOW!

Americans are increasingly going out to restaurants to celebrate Thanksgiving, according to research from the National Restaurant Association. In the 1970’s, 4.4% of Americans ate their Thanksgiving meals at restaurants verses 10% in 2015 (that’s about 33 million people!).

Some of the reasons why more people are eating Thanksgiving out include; travel stress, holiday fatigue, and changing tastes and nutritional needs of family members, ranging from gluten intolerances to dairy allergies.

New this year is a one-step stuffing from Mrs. Cubbison’s which delivers a better stuffing mix for these reasons:

  • One-Step Stuffing means easier prep – the seasoning pouch and breadcrumbs are together so there are fewer prep steps
  • Spices & Herbs baked directly into the bread for excellent distribution and consistency of flavor across the dish
  • 30% less sodium and higher quality ingredients than other stuffing mixes such as using 100% cornbread in the cornbread mix variety
  • Closer match to the National Brands’ One-Step product

From now until July 31st, an early booking distributor promotion is available to save $6/case for one-step traditional stuffing mix as well as cornbread stuffing mix. You may find order information in the Active Distributor screen of UniPro's PICs on the Extranet. Don’t delay, book today!

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