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Brunch Culinary Inspirations


Brunch Culinary Inspirations

Breakfast has been in the sweet spot of the restaurant industry for the last few years which has led to many insightful studies on the topic. What are their findings? An increasing amount of consumers seek on-the-go breakfast options for busy mornings. A study led by the Los Angeles-based frim Instantly™ found that 28% of surveyed consumers eat breakfast away from home, nearly three times more than ten years ago. While classic options such as bacon or sausage sandwiches remain the most popular, healthier options are also on the rise.

Classic healthful “shortcuts” such as egg whites and whole wheat bread are joined by spicy and tangy condiments which limit the need for fat and salt.

Another trend is breakfast at any time of the day. According to a recent National Restaurant Association forecast, 72% of all adults would like for restaurants to serve breakfast dishes throughout the day and McDonald’s decision to do so last fall made national headlines.

What about brunch? The word was coined in 1895 by Guy Beringer, a British writer, who clairvoyantly wrote that, “It would promote human happiness…Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting”. More than a century later, the leisurely weekend meal is at an all-time high in popularity. Although decadent, nostalgic dishes such as waffles, pancakes and French toast remain popular, brunch dishes are also an opportunity for chefs to be creative. Ethnic-inspired and traditional ethnic dishes were in the top three breakfast trends in the National Restaurant Association 2016 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.

Culinary Inspirations:

  • Latch onto the Hawaiian food trend with acai bowls: blend frozen acai puree with Roland Coconut Milk and a ripe banana. Top with Roland Quinoa that has been puffed and fresh berries.
  • Try the very trendy shakshuka: poach eggs in a tomato sauce spiked with Roland Harissa. Add Roland Roasted Red Peppers for extra flavor and texture.
  • Assemble an indulgent on-the-go breakfast: granola parfait cups featuring Roland Neutral Mousse Base, Roland Steel-Cut Oats and Roland Amarena Cherries in Syrup.