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Enhance Your Business Performance


Enhance Your Business Performance

UniPro members wanting to enhance their business performance in the nonfood category can partner with R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource, a ProForma Supplier and the largest, most comprehensive redistribution supporter of UniPro.

R3’s UniPro liaison, Bruce Eison, invites members to meet with him to take the R3 Factor Challenge, a complete, interactive evaluation of the nonfood category that leads to:

  • reduced operating costs
  • better asset utilization
  • sales and profit growth

The R3 Factor Challenge uses two interactive digital evaluation tools:

  • Total Category Management (TCM)
  • Decision Tree

Total Category Management (TCM) Tool – A Comprehensive Study

The R3 TCM tool uses data from nearly 200 formal studies analyzing and measuring the way nonfood disposables perform in a foodservice distribution system. Bruce can use the tool’s built-in assumptions or input a member’s own data. The output will help members clearly see the financial and operational advantages of working with R3.

Decision Tree Tool – A Vendor-by-Vendor Purchasing Study

The R3 Decision Tree tool allows members to analyze product buying scenarios by vendor in order to make better-informed nonfood purchasing decisions. Bruce can enter a member’s vendor direct-buy product data into the Decision Tree and obtain output that indicates whether it’s best to: 1) continue buying product direct, 2) do a combination buy from the vendor and R3 or 3) buy exclusively from R3.

“We understand how difficult it is in today’s marketplace for distributors to remain competitive and grow their businesses,” said R3 Director of National Accounts and UniPro liaison Bruce Eison. “That’s why we’ve developed the R3 Factor Challenge. We want to challenge our customers and potential customers to understand the value of partnering with R3. We believe that the R3 Factor is the difference that makes distributors better, and I encourage all UniPro members to take a deeper look at how we can help you grow your business.”

To request a complimentary and confidential nonfoods category analysis using the R3 Factor Challenge tools, please contact your R3/UniPro liaison, Bruce Eison, via email ( or cell phone (404-623-7843).