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Perfectly-balanced Blends


Perfectly-balanced Blends

A truly fine dish begins with uncompromising quality ingredients. In Connoisseur Collection, we start with the freshest select vegetables and savory herbs. Think crisp orange and yellow carrots. Rosemary, garlic, and dill. Cut corn. A squeeze of citrus here. A hint of spice there.

With these ingredients in hand, we employed the culinary expertise of skilled professional chefs to create an array of perfectly-balanced blends paired with deliciously delicate sauces. A touch of cream. Artisan cheese. Silky butter. What results is a collection of elegantly complex flavors that are sure to elevate any meal. Best of all? Connoisseur Collectionmakes it easy - you won’t need to hire your own kitchen labor to prepare these versatile, cost effective menu additions. Imagine bistro taste on a modest budget.

Connoisseur Collection features the following high-concept offerings:

  • Chalet Garlic Butter Vegetables
  • Baja Vegetable Roast
  • Bistro Carrots and Sweet Potatoes
  • Mandarin Citrus Vegetables
  • Grecian Rosemary Vegetables
  • Tuscan Asiago Cream Vegetables
  • Harbor Lemon Dill Vegetables
  • Mediterranean Pesto Cream Vegetables

Enjoy the simple preparation and savings in labor and waste, while your customers savor the upscale ingredients and flavor designed for the discerning palate.

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