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Cooking up a Storm without Germs!


Cooking up a Storm without Germs!

Kitchens are full of culinary magic! From sautéing to flambéing, chopping and flipping, and everything in between – they are truly the heart of a restaurant. However, they are also a potential breeding ground for germs and infection. Research shows that germs can be lurking just about anywhere – including unexpected places like the rims of glasses, lemon wedges, and restaurant menus.1 Integrating touchless fixtures into your foodservice operation and kitchen, helps minimize cross-contamination risk and create a more hygienic environment.2

Lather Up with the Best

enMotion® Soap Dispensers are tiny touchless superheroes for your kitchen:

  • Uses a closed hygienic system that houses a pump, bag, and nozzle
  • Includes a maintenance on/off switch that makes cleaning a breeze
  • Flexibility to choose the dispensed amount of soap or sanitizer
  • Allows for refills with GP PRO’s Antimicrobial Foam Soap, which is E2 certified for use in food processing environments and includes Triclosan for extra protection as well as aloe to prevent dry hands.

Towel Off with Ease

What’s the point of requiring employees to wash their hands if they’re toweling off with a germy dispenser? The enMotion® Water-Resistant Automated Dispenser helps keep hands clean after washing, and:

  • Complies with HACCP guidelines to help reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.
  • Reduces the amount of product used
  • Allows you to set sheet length, sensor range, and time delay
  • Makes cleaning easy - a rubber seal locks out moisture so that the dispenser doesn’t have to be removed and towels will stay dry during a wash-down. 

Adding touchless features to your kitchen doesn’t require expensive renovations. If you’re interested in making the switch, try installing one or two touchless fixtures and track your usage. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you love them! Surveys show that 98% of Georgia-Pacific enMotion automatic towel dispenser customers, for example, are satisfied with the product’s performance. Stop germs in their tracks – and enjoy the added benefits of cost savings and easier cleaning!

GP PRO offers touchless towel, tissue and soap dispensers perfect for any commercial setting. For more information on GP PRO’s innovative touchless dispensing systems, visit

1ABC News, “10 Germiest Places in a Restaurant,” November 2012.

2Georgia-Pacific research