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Versatile Proteins in Global Cuisines


Versatile Proteins in Global Cuisines

Consumer flavor trends and interests continue to shift towards global cuisines. Hybrid, or fusion cuisines as well as spicy flavorings are driving the quest for more adventurous and interesting ethnic menu offerings. Luckily, the versatile proteins from American Foods Group allow you to capture global flavor trends easily and effectively.

As a family-owned, vertically integrated beef processor that ships over 5 million pounds of beef per day, American Foods Group has center-of-the-plate protein solutions for every type of foodservice menu. From ready-to-cook to speed scratch protein solutions, we have the right cut of beef for every cuisine type. Our brands are trusted around the world and include King’s Command Foods, Sheboygan Sausage Company, Great American, Rancher’s Supreme, Grilled Sensations, Skylark and Big City Reds!

Let our team of protein specialists provide assistance as you explore new global flavor options for your menu. American Foods Group has the quality proteins to diversify your menu.

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