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What Will You Make of It?


What Will You Make of It?

Show your operator customers how to make delicious sauces with ingredients they have and products from Campbell’s Foodservice. These 20 flavorful, on-trend speed-scratch recipes – made with Campbell’s® Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken soups, Prego® Traditional Pasta Sauce and Pace®Chunky Salsa – make it easy to do more with their menu.

Trend: Authentic Ethnic

Patrons are hungry for global cuisine, and savvy operators are bringing international flavors to the menu.1 They can use pantry basics to create a variety of authentic sauces. Coconut Cream & Roasted Peanut Sauce drizzled over chicken or fish skewers or Grilled Pineapple & Onion Salsa on grilled pork.

Trend: Custom Cuisine

Patrons want more control over their dining experience.2 It’s easy for your operator customers to offer a variety of sauce options without the labor costs of scratch-made. Smoky cream sauces like Sundried Tomato and Bacon sauce or rich and creamy sauces like Three Herb Beurre Blanc.

Trend: Small Plates

More patrons are choosing appetizers and sides over entrées.3 Your operator customers can make small plates stand out with flavorful sauces, fillings, dips and dressings. Sauces like Tomato Herb Dressing and Coconut Lime Chutney are multi-purpose menu makers.

Download the Sauce Makers recipe guide at to find these on-trend speed-scratch recipes!

From chutney to beurre blanc to hot sauce, Campbell’s Foodservice delivers versatile, chef-designed recipes that make serving patron-pleasing dishes simpler than ever.

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