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Build a Bowl - Build Profits!


Build a Bowl - Build Profits!

Build a Bowl! Top Soups with Musso’s Crispy Cheese and Operators Build PROFITS!

46% of Consumers say they visit restaurants specifically because they enjoy the soup.

Here’s how to build even BIGGER profits for your Operators with these powerful soup sales strategies:

  1. Gourmet Garnishes - Patrons perceive garnished soups as higher value, so Operators can charge up to 25% more! Adding Musso’s crispy cheese toppings is a simple way to make soups feel fresher, more premium and more delicious.
  2. Combo Meals – Combo meals, regardless of restaurant type, result in per-person check sizes that are $1.00 to $1.50 greater than checks for all other meals combined. The same Musso’s crispy cheese that is perfect for salads is also perfect to topping soups. Low-cost entrées are elevated and customized with Musso’s crispy cheese toppings. Click here for a food cost/selling price comparison chart.

Musso’s Cheese Crisps are available in two delicious varieties - Parmesan and Asiago. Musso’s Cheese Crisps are unique crisps made with 100% oven-baked cheese. They add upscale flair and intense cheese taste to any menu item.

For more information on Musso’s Cheese Crisps, call 888.708.2222 or email us at