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Meeting Fast Casual Demand


Meeting Fast Casual Demand

Americans now dine outside the home over 4 times per week, or nearly 1 in every 5 meals.Where are people eating these meals? Researchers have identified fast casual as a booming segment within the restaurant industry—they were up 12% in 2014 while casual dining was down 7%.1 Young people in particular enjoy the ability to customize their meals, forego tipping, and get their food quickly at a price that’s 20-30% less than food at full-service restaurants.1 

With more and more customers coming in their doors, fast casual restaurants are seeing a need for solutions that can keep up with the pace of their business and please their customers. Products that decrease staff time needed for operational tasks, such as restocking, increase the amount of time that restaurant associates can spend on customer service. Solutions that help streamline the flow of patrons through fast casual restaurants helps to increase their satisfaction. After all, nobody likes waiting in a long line for their food or utensils. Here are just a few ways that GP PRO products have helped streamline fast casual restaurant operations in the dining area.

Self-Service in a Flash

  • Dixie® SmartStock® cutlery and dispensers are the ultimate hygienic solution and image booster but that’s just the beginning. One-at-a-time dispensing allows customers to quickly get only the utensils they’ll need and can reduce usage on average by 29% compared to open bins.They’re also easy to re-stock, since refill units come pre-counted and pre-assembled – Which could cut your staff’s restocking time.
  • Reduce Napkin Refills: EasyNap® napkin dispensers are designed to keep users from grabbing more product than they need and can reduce usage by 30% when switching from larger standard MorNap® style napkins, and by over 50% when switching from smaller tall-fold styles in a QSR environment! In addition, the EasyNap®’s design holds up to 5 refill packs to help reduce the need for refills.2 

Taking Care of Business

While fast casual restaurants are revamping their dining areas, they must also consider the restroom experience provided in their venues. Consumers ranked cleanliness as the second-most important criteria in selecting a restaurant and 70% of restaurant patrons never return to a restaurant with an unclean washroom. Additionally, 80% tell friends and family about their negative experience. GP PRO offers solutions to help any fast casual restaurant ensure that their washroom is a sanitary, well-stocked place where guests will feel comfortable.

  • Dispensers Have Become Indispensable: enMotion® Dispensers are useful in washrooms as well as food preparation areas! They help reduce towel consumption, waste and service visits, and help improve image and hygiene. The enMotion® towel dispensers are also designed to help reduce by 30% versus standard folded towels.2 Reduced usage can result in less staff time spent restocking and fewer guests who will encounter an empty dispenser.
  • On a Roll: Compact® Quad™ Dispensers help reduce maintenance costs with more capacity and less waste than jumbo junior tissue rolls. The dependable roll-advancing system feature provides customers with continuous service. The Compact Quad® has capacity for 6,000 2-ply or 12,000 1-ply sheets – 50% more than Compact® High Capacity Tissue Dispensers! There are no wrappers, no cores, and fewer stubs to discard.2

Smart and Sustainable:

GP PRO’s products for fast casual restaurants can help to meet consumers’ demand for sustainable products. Surveys indicate that 60% of consumers want restaurants to publicize their sustainability initiatives more aggressively. Furthermore, more than half of all foodservice operators said that a formal, actionable sustainability strategy is necessary to remain competitive in the next two years.4By purchasing Georgia-Pacific products that reduce waste and are made of sustainable materials, restaurants are already taking a big step toward sustainability. By publicizing these product improvements, restaurants can gain favor with patrons while enjoying the benefits of these products as well!

  • Get it done with Dixie®: Dixie® provides paper product solutions that appeal to consumers on many levels. A trusted brand for 75 years, the Dixie® name provides a sense of familiarity and trust for older guests while also meeting modern consumers’ desire for sustainability. Many Dixie® cups, plates, and containers have earned Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Certification, a third-party certified sourcing and chain of custody certification.4 Compartment Plates and Containers and SmartStock® bio-blend cutlery provide sustainable options for fast casual restaurants. While the foodservice disposables industry is growing at over 3% per year, foam units declined 3.8% per year from 2009 through 2013. Consumers and governments are pressuring restaurants to eliminate foam products and replace them instead with more eco-friendly materials that can be recycled easily or composted, such as Dixie® paper products.

By reducing time needed for re-stocking, decreasing customer usage of product, and providing sustainable solutions, GP PRO products are helping fast casual restaurants meet growing demand. Even better, Georgia-Pacific products help restaurants differentiate themselves by offering solutions that can be hygienic, easy-to-use, sustainable, low-maintenance, and cost-saving. Help your customers savor every bite with GP PRO!

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