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Serving Up Bold BBQ Flavors


Serving Up Bold BBQ Flavors

We all know that summer is about the SAUCE… BBQ sauce that is! Time to turn up the grill, get a little saucy, and take advantage of the latest BBQ trends.

According to Datassential MenuTrends, overall, BBQ has ~60% menu penetration and reached the “ubiquity” stage on the trend scale year ago. However, people still love them some BBQ, and the key is differentiation! This year, the US standouts have been Dixie, Bayou, and Hawaiian BBQ. Click here for a BBQ flavor menu penetration chart.

With flavors from emerging cuisines types like Peru, Argentina and Korea, double down on BBQ by creating interesting fusion sauces to differentiate even more from the crowd!

One way to take advantage of trends while saving on center-of-the-plate costs, is to use your interesting fusion or regional BBQ sauces, seasonings, or rubs with French fries to create signature, shareable appetizers.

Potatoes continue to be the lowest food cost item on the menu, and stand up to bold flavors. With tremendous plate coverage, natural dippability and outstanding hold time, Sidewinders™ are the perfect base for a signature menu item, and only available from Simplot. For more dip ideas, click here.