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Menuing BBQ: Facts & Trends


Menuing BBQ: Facts & Trends

Fact: Over half of all restaurants have BBQ items on their menu.1 That makes perfect sense as BBQ appeals to over 95% of Americans – and over one-third of Americans ate barbeque in the last week.1 Dive deeper into the restaurant stats, and you’ll see that BBQ is ranked No. 2 for most popularly menued burger foods and flavors.2

So, BBQ is popular. Burgers are universal. And turkey is clearly on trend. Over the past year, turkey burgers have seen an astounding 31% growth on restaurant menus.2 Now, take that exciting combination, and offer your operator-customers something that capitalizes on all three preferences: the Jennie-O® Smokehouse Turkey Patty. This burger patty gives your customer a perfectly consistent, undeniably rich, totally satisfying smokehouse BBQ workhorse for their menu. Made with tender, juicy dark meat, this patty is easy to menu as it offers patrons (1) great smokehouse flavor which goes beautifully with the house BBQ sauce, (2) a hearty 5.3 oz. size, and (3) the peace of mind in knowing that they’re eating smart with turkey.

Two more interesting facts: BBQ is the second-most popularly menued burger flavor2, and 64% of all BBQ themed restaurants have at least one turkey BBQ offering on their menu.1 Which means, if you have customers with BBQ menu items, or customers with burgers on their menu, the Jennie-O® Smokehouse Turkey Patty is a great opportunity to be more on trend, satisfy more patrons, and ultimately, grow the bottom line.

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