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It's a Main Course or a Starter


It's a Main Course or a Starter

As a main course or as a starter, Soup Supreme offers endless possibilities and profitable opportunities. The more than 60 delicious flavors range from creamy Cheddar Broccoli to hearty Beef Stew to colorful Minestrone -- and many are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Operators can use Soup Supreme as-is, or they can create their own signature recipes with meat or other proteins.

Because Soup Supreme products are never pre-cooked, you can expect fresh flavor, vibrant color, and the complex texture of soups made from scratch. The simplicity and convenience of one-step preparation from concentrate -- just add water and heat! -- is complimented by a price point that is suitable for the budget-conscious operator. Soup Supreme satisfies both customers’ demands and the demands of an operator’s bottom line.

Since 1924, our farmer-owned cooperative of family farms has remained dedicated to improving farming and food processing practices. The vegetables used for Soup Supreme are harvested and processed locally; always picked and packaged within four hours.

Soup Supreme is delivered in minimal packaging, which is not only environmentally responsible, but requires less storage space for operators.

Soup Supreme is truly a choice to feel good about!

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