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Reusable and Invaluable


Reusable and Invaluable

There are many different types of needs for gloves in the kitchen. For some tasks such as, working in hot water where your skin needs extra protection or working with hot food, you may require a thicker heavy duty-type of glove. These heavy duty gloves are great for washing out pots and pans in hot water or for pulling apart hot meat from the smoker; these thicker gloves are reusable gloves.

Reusable gloves have a thicker material than regular foodservice disposable gloves and are longer in the cuff up to 19 inches. They are non-disposable and are latex and latex-free for people who have allergies. They come in pairs since they are not ambidextrous and they are sized from Small to Extra Large. They can also be used for janitorial work.  

Reusable gloves come in many different types such as latex, nitrile, and neoprene. They typically come packed in sets of two as they are not ambidextrous. Please check our website, for more detailed information about each type available. 

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