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A Natural for Gluten-Free Menus


A Natural for Gluten-Free Menus

More and more diners are reducing the amount of gluten in their diets for a number of reasons—from celiac disease and other gluten allergies to a perceived health halo around the gluten-free lifestyle.

Creating a gluten-free menu may seem daunting for your operator customers, but there are many naturally gluten-free foods available. Plus, more and more alternatives are being manufactured every day. Remember, it’s important to remind operators to double check all ingredients to make sure they’re gluten-free. Separate prep stations are also required to avoid cross contamination. Encourage operators to look out for certain ingredients that signal gluten, such as wheat, rye and barley.

You can also help your operator customers meet diners’ demand for gluten-free options with great-tasting Butterball turkey products. Turkey is a deliciously versatile canvas for naturally gluten-free menu items. Recommend these recipes to inspire your customers:

All of Butterball’s turkey products are gluten free, with the exception of our turkey meatballs. Take a look at all of our delicious options and explore the Culinary Center for more menu ideas