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Enjoying Every Gluten-Free Bite!


Enjoying Every Gluten-Free Bite!

The occurrence of gluten-free menu offerings have skyrocketed, and while patrons with health concerns are still cautious when ordering gluten-free, preparation and handling awareness back-of-house has also improved dramatically.

At Simplot, we take pride in offering a wide portfolio of products that, when prepared properly, will remain free of gluten when they reach the patron’s plate. This includes our most popular brands:

  • Conquest® and Infinity® (clear coat fries)
  • Select Recipe® (skin-on/brined fries)
  • RoastWorks® (roasted vegetables and fruit)
  • Harvest Fresh® (avocado)
  • All Frozen Fruit and Vegetable items

Tips for fries:

  • Are French fries served coated or battered? Usually coated fries use a starch base (GF) and batters are thicker and wheat based (not GF)
  • Do the fries share a fryer with any other items? Wings, onion rings, other appetizers and chicken strips typically are breaded or battered.

For a complete list of Gluten-Free products from Simplot, click here.