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Eats Anytime: Profits All the Time


Eats Anytime: Profits All the Time

Help generate more profit at your operators’ restaurants by encouraging them to expand appetizer menus. Crowd-pleasing McCain® products are the perfect solution for both irregular occasions and the more traditional dining occasions.

Party Eats

The Appetizer Wheelhouse

Not only are celebrations one of the top reasons groups go out to eat,1 they are huge appetizer-selling opportunities. In fact, 51% of people out celebrating order appetizers—which nearly doubles orders at other occasions.2 With that in mind, it’s beneficial for operators to offer fun, party-friendly appetizers like a selection of Anchor® Poppers or profitable, on-trend products like craft beer battered Brew City® appetizers and fries.

Show your operators their revenue potential when they put crowd-pleasing get-together appetizers from McCain® on the table.

Anytime Eats

The Appetizer Opportunity

Appetizers are spilling out beyond their pre-dinner role to more sporadic eating occasions. Largely led by influential Millennial disposition, who now make up 32% of the population3, appetizers are growing in popularity. Millennials have a tendency to favor appetizers over sides or desserts, and that doesn’t appear to be changing.4 Additionally, more appetizers are ordered as a late night snack than traditional, three-square-meal times.

By encouraging operators to offer more innovative appetizer products, like the new Anchor® Spicy Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Nuggets or Brew City® Mac ‘N Jack Brew Bites™, or even exceptional basics as appetizers, like Brew City® Skin-On Maxi-Cut Fries, you can capture the attention of young flavor-seekers that are driving appetizer orders at traditionally slower times.

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