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Meet the Demand for Premium Poultry


Meet the Demand for Premium Poultry

Help Your Operators Meet the Demand for Premium Poultry with NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ PERDUE® Turkey

Operators looking to expand upon their premium protein offerings needn’t look any further! Perdue Foodservice is upgrading 100% of the Perdue® Turkey line to become part of their NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ portfolio.

The use of antibiotics in proteins continues to be a hot topic in the U.S. Their overuse has allowed bacteria to evolve so that they are more resistant to the drugs.1 Increased consumer awareness of this issue has led to a greater demand for proteins made without antibiotics. In fact, 55% of consumers believe poultry raised without antibiotics is important in their decision to visit a restaurant, and 57% of consumers indicate that turkey without antibiotics is important in their decision to order a menu item.2 Operators are recognizing this demand, with 80% of operators stating that they believe no-antibiotics-ever, all-veggie-fed turkey is important to their customers and 91% of them reporting interest in buying these products.3 In order to show patrons that they too are concerned about the overuse of antibiotics and are taking action, operators can add Perdue® Turkey to their offerings.

Operators wanting to regain lost business due to fear of antibiotic use, and attract new patrons, should also consider incorporating premium claims on their menus when implementing antibiotic-free items. In fact, 60% of consumers say they would be likely to return to a restaurant they’ve avoided if they upgraded their protein offerings.2

NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ Perdue® Turkey provides the 88% of operators who want to share the following claims the opportunity to include them on their menus3:

  • NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ - not in the egg, not in the hatchery, never ever
  • All-vegetarian fed
  • No animal by-products
  • Majority of Perdue® Turkey products are certified gluten-free
  • USDA Processed Verified

Delivering upon these claims is not only easy with Perdue® Turkey, but can also help operators meet their bottom line. With 63% of consumers saying they will pay more for poultry with attributes such as no-antibiotics-ever, operators may see a boost in traffic.2

With Perdue Foodservice NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ portfolio, operators can trust that they are only serving the highest quality of ingredients with the assurance of no antibiotics ever – something they can feel good about serving and their patrons will feel good about eating.

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