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Get Your GS1 Attribute Guide Here


Get Your GS1 Attribute Guide Here

The GS1 Attribute Guide supplements the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative’s Attribute Spreadsheets. The spreadsheets list the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative implementation of GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network™ (GDSN®) standards. This document provides advice on the implementation and operation of these attributes.

It includes implementation guides for a variety of the more complicated issues encountered when implementing the GDSN attributes as outlined by the Initiative. It seeks to increase consistency and ease of implementation by explaining the standards and providing real-world examples.

Who Will Use this Document?

Business users who are implementing or operating GDSN may use this document to supplement the formal GS1 GDSN standards with additional guidance. This document is aimed primarily at business users who need to understand the data content or process standards. Technical users involved with implementation may also find topics of interest.

Scope of this Document

The scope is the data and processes for the synchronization of Trade Items within the GDSN by the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative (“the Initiative”). In this version of the document, the scope is limited to the attributes as defined by the Initiative. While there are other attributes available in GDSN, they will only be in scope for this document if defined for use by the Initiative. If you need additional training or advice, please contact your solution provider, data pool, or GS1 US.

For a copy of the GS1 Attribute Guide, click here.

Source: IFDA