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On a Roll with Bathroom Freshness!


On a Roll with Bathroom Freshness!

GP PRO is thrilled to announce a revolutionary new system that will neutralize washroom odor at the source – inside the stall – to improve restroom experiences and perceptions. The new Georgia-Pacific Compact® with ActiveAire™ Bathroom Tissue Dispenser – the first of its kind – uses state-of-the-art motion sensing technology to deliver a fresh scent to any washroom, right at the point of use where odors originate!

Research shows that odor is a primary reason for public restroom dissatisfaction. With the average person spending almost 400 days of their life in a public restroom.1, this is a serious issue that needs to be managed. Market research shows that 70% of people think that subpar restrooms indicate poor management; industry studies also show that 61% of people agree that poor washroom conditions indicate that a company is lazy or sloppy.2 Nowadays, many people not only expect a clean washroom - they expect to see high-end fixtures as part of the “new normal.”3 The Compact® with ActiveAire™ Bathroom Tissue Dispenser was created to help make sure facility managers have products that truly perform and impress guests.

With the Georgia-Pacific Compact® with ActiveAire™ Bathroom Tissue Dispenser, your clients will enjoy:

  • On Demand Scent: The scent is motion-activated when guests enter the washroom stall. If needed, a wave of the hand will provide an extra burst of freshness. The system uses no liquid or sprays, so guests won’t encounter any unwanted mists.
  • Easy to Maintain Location: By placing the product inside the stall instead of mounting it high on a wall, building maintenance doesn't need ladders to change scents or the unit’s three AA batteries when needed.
  • Sustaining Release for Ongoing Odor Control: A gentle fan blows air across fragrance refills, providing sustained release for 30 days.
  • Fresh Air: Refills do not contain propellants or added VOCs.
  • On Trend Fragrance: Six pleasant fragrance options offer unique neutralization technology.

For more information about GP PRO™ products, please call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or visit us at

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1John Strom, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Georgia-Pacific Professional

2Bradley Corporation: Healthy Handwashing Survey, 2013

3Facility Care: “Leading the Way to Better Sanitary Practices,” 2012