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Help for Latex Allergies


Help for Latex Allergies

Nitrile gloves are becoming a very popular glove in the foodservice industry.

Nitrile gloves are non-latex (to avoid latex allergies), powder free and they come packed in a bulk pack of 10 boxes of 100 gloves in a case. Nitrile gloves are strong gloves that are great for chopping and prepping. They are also chemical resistant so they can be sold for janitorial sanitation cleaning as well as kitchen cleaning.

These gloves come in many colors, our Black Nitrile is the best choice when handling items that can stain, dye or leave behind unsightly residue. The Purple Nitrile is perfect for a long day of prepping, for a quick easy identification if you chop off a piece when chopping, cutting and slicing. The unique White Nitrile is ideal for that clean upscale look needed when catering, and the timeless Blue Nitrile is also available for all your foodservice needs.

Samples and sell sheets are available for all nitrile gloves.

Click here for a downloadable sell sheet on this product.

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