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Focus on Asian Noodles


Focus on Asian Noodles

Few meals are as satisfying as a bowl of steaming Asian noodles. This ubiquitous starch has been around for millennia; Chinese archeologists have found a perfectly preserved bowl of noodles dating back to 4000 C. Dozens of noodle types exist as they are a staple food throughout all of Asia. They can be categorized in three broad groups: wheat noodles, rice noodles, and noodles made with other starches. Roland Foods offers a comprehensive selection of Asian noodles, including:

Wheat Noodles:

  • Udon: these cream-colored Japanese noodles are thick and delightfully chewy and slippery when cooked. They are traditionally served cold in the summer and hot in the winter, as part of soups or stir-fries.
  • Chuka Sobba: the bright yellow, curly noodles are used in traditional Japanese ramen soups. They also make for delicious stir-fries and cold noodle salads.
  • Lo Mein: these flat, cream-colored noodles have a firm texture that helps them soak up flavors without turning soft. They are perfect for the eponymous stir-fry dish.

Rice Noodles:

  • White Rice Vermicelli: these semi-transparent noodles become opaque once cooked. Their light flavor and texture make them perfect for refreshing stir-fries and bun bo noodle salad. Also available: Brown Rice Vermicelli.
  • Hsinchu Rice: these think and pliable noodles come from the island of Taiwan and are traditionally used in light and vegetable-centric stir-fries.
  • Pad Thai: flat and semi-transparent when dry, Pad Thai noodles become opaque and pleasant chewy when cooked.

Other starches:

  • Bean thread: otherwise known as cellophane or glass noodles, bean thread noodles are used throughout all of Asia. They need to be soaked in warm water to take on their pleasant snappy and light texture; they are lovely in spring rolls or authentic jap chae Korean stir-fries.
  • Soba: these grey-brown noodles are made with a combination of wheat flour and buckwheat, which is a seed rather than a grain. Their pleasant nutty flavor and tender texture truly sines when they are served cold along with a dipping sauce.

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